People with missing teeth are generally the ones who are suggested to use dentures. Dentures are your most feasible solution if you have missing teeth or are decaying because of certain medical conditions. However, people refrain from this treatment because of the fear and discomfort they might feel after using dentures. Dentures are better than they seem. Before you go to a professional clinic for dentures in Basildon, you must know more about the same in detail. To learn more about the unique facts about dentures, read on:

What are the unique facts about dentures?

Partial or complete replacement

Dentures can be used either for partial or complete replacement. This depends on the type of teeth damage that has been done. A partial denture is sufficient if you’re a single missing tooth. While if you have got a row of teeth missing or damaged, then a complete denture replacement is required. The partial dentures are generally used for the upper and lower arch of the mouth.

Eating Habits

Dentures don’t restrict your eating habits. You can enjoy almost all types of food, even with dentures. Since the dentures are fixed with medical adhesives, you don’t need to worry as a wearer. You can eat everything, including chewing gum and hard bones as well.

No need to remove

Previously dentists would recommend patients remove the dentures at night. However, with changes in technology, now this is optional. You can sleep perfectly well with your dentures on. There’s no need to remove the dentures.

Customised to fit perfectly

Dentures are no more a hassle for the wearers. You can smile, eat and speak comfortably with dentures. Dentists nowadays customise dentures according to the size and shape of teeth. Hence modern-day dentures are a perfect fit and will not look odd.

Tooth extraction associated with dentures

Sometimes a tooth extraction might be required to make the denture look good and fit correctly. Removing the same before you opt for dentures is always advisable if you have a half-rotten tooth.

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