Dentures are artificial or prosthetic teeth constructed by the dentists on the patients to replace missing teeth. You can either opt for complete or partial dentures, depending on the type of teeth alignment that needs to be replaced. However, unlike natural teeth, dentures might get damaged and might not be able to withstand pressures under certain situations. Over the counter denture repair kits are available. However, it is always advisable to visit a professional for denture repairs in  Southend-on-Sea. The denture repair specialist will evaluate the denture condition and arrange for treatment accordingly.

Before visiting a denture repair specialist, look at the different causes behind denture repair.

Common causes behind Denture damage

Continuous wear and tear

Like natural teeth, dentures are vulnerable to wear and tear. The acrylic used in the denture becomes weak over time and might suddenly get cracked if you chew any hard food item. If the denture breaks, you might have to replace the same ultimately.

Sudden accidents

Accidents are unpredictable. They can happen anytime and with anyone. If you’re unfortunate enough to have encountered an accident that has hurt your mouth, the dentures might also be affected. Moreover, people leave dentures unprotected at any random place in the house. Accidentally the same might fall and break. It is advisable to store the dentures safely in boxes when you’re not using them.

Improper denture fit

If the specialist has not fixed the dentures correctly, then there’s a chance that the same might break. A denture should neither be too tight nor too loose. Both situations can cause the denture to break down suddenly.

What are the types of denture repair?


Over time, you might experience the denture moving away from the mouth’s tissues. Relining helps fix the dentures in their correct place and protects them from getting loose.


This is the type of denture repair where the entire denture is rebased. In this case, the specialist’s major goal is to replace the entire set of dentures. This is done when the denture has been damaged beyond repair, and the lifespan of the denture has ended. Complete replacement of the dentures is essential in such situations.


If the damage to the denture is limited, then the specialist generally undertakes an adjustment process to repair the damages. This includes adjusting the dentures to make the same look aesthetically beautiful.

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