A denture is a vital dental application that can reduce the effects of missing, injured or decayed teeth. Though it emulates natural teeth, a denture is primarily made of porcelain and other synthetic substances. To ensure taking care of your dental health, you have to maintain the dentures like your natural teeth.

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Follow Instructions Related to Your Dentures:

If you are new to using dentures, you may have a natural question: should I really remove the dentures before going to bed? Your dentist may prescribe you to leave them before finally retiring for the day. It is safe to follow their instructions as keeping them on may cause negative effects. These can spiral on to become something dangerous in the future.

Why Should You Remove Dentures Before Going to Sleep?

In this blog, you will find the reasons to remove your dentures while going to bed. To get quality dentures in Basildon, you must contact a professional supplier.

● Bone Resorption:

It is a gradual, slow process where the jaw bone may start shrinking due to lost teeth. Without proper stimulation from the teeth, your body breaks down the bone. This causes the loss of volume and density. Keeping the dentures overnight may cause inflammation in the jaw. It is a sign of rapid bone resorption and denture relining.

● Pain in Certain Parts:

When you wear a denture, it produces a lot of pressure on the gums and the jaw. Not removing them while going to bed may trigger the pressure points, and you may wake up with a sore mouth. You may find the application particularly uncomfortable when you practise this for a longer time.

● Risk of Pneumonia:

In a recent study, it was found that patients, especially elderly people going to sleep with their dentures on, had a greater chance of getting affected by pneumonia. For the unheralded, pneumonia is a serious infection that affects the lungs. The disease may fill it with pus or fluid, where the patient finds it extremely uncomfortable to breathe. To avoid such life-threatening issues, it is better to follow the simple process of removing the denture.

These are a few reasons not to wear dentures overnight. It is a basic instruction dentist give when someone decides to get it. If you want better assistance selecting the right denture, consult Castle Point Denture Clinic. We are one of the most well-known sources providing quality dentures in Basildon. Our team can also come to your rescue for denture repair needs. For more information, you can visit our website today.