denture repairs

A denture is an adjustable replacement for lost teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures restore oral function and enable you to speak and chew more. Nowadays, dentures are considered to be the most effective restoration available for tooth loss. However, getting used to dentures takes a fair bit of time. Some individuals may feel discomfort during the adjustment period. The professionals offering dentures in Basildon have tons of expertise that makes them the best bet.

What Strategies Should You Adopt to Get Used to Dentures?

Dentures improve people’s confidence. They can restore your mouth’s function if appropriately maintained. Below are some tactics you need to implement to get used to dentures:

Determine what to eat:

You should plan meals during the initial few weeks of wearing dentures. Consuming soft foods during this period is recommended since it will be easier for you. Also, the list of food items should have nutrients. The best foods to consume are vegetables, mashed potatoes, puddings, eggs, and beans.

Fix sore spots:

Dentures will likely create sore spots within the mouth. You don’t have to worry about these spots since they are normal and eventually heal within 1-2 weeks. If you want to fix it early, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. It minimises inflammation caused by sore spots.

Practice speech:

After having new dentures, your speech will be slurred for the first few weeks. Many individuals face difficulties while interacting with others after getting dentures. Hence, you should practice speaking at home to get accustomed to these dentures. Think out loud and read books loudly.

Prioritise your oral hygiene:

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential. You should clean the dentures regularly, even if you don’t have any natural teeth.

Try adhesives:

Adhesives come in handy for keeping dentures in the right place. Nowadays, there are various types of adhesives available in the market. Choose one that addresses your requirements.

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