Dentures aren’t fixed permanently in your mouth. You have the freedom to take them out regularly. This will help you maintain good oral hygiene. However, most individuals face the dilemma of using dentures during sleep. In such cases, resort to clinics offering denture care services in Southend-on-Sea. Experts usually recommend not wearing dentures during sleep.

How Does Your Oral Health Get Affected if You Sleep with Dentures?

Dentures play a significant role in restoring your smile if you lose natural teeth due to gum disease. Not only do these dentures enhance your appearance, but they also make it simpler for you to eat and speak. Always remember dentures don’t create oral issues. Oral problems arise if you don’t take proper care of dentures.
If you sleep with dentures, bacteria will build up, eventually leading to gum problems in the long run. Sleeping with dentures also makes you prone to denture stomatitis. It is an infection caused by a fungus/yeast; its symptoms come from inflamed gums. Those suffering from denture stomatitis need to undergo medical treatment on an emergency basis. If you remove and clean the dentures every day before sleep, you can prevent several oral problems before they arise.

When and How Long Do You Need to Wear Dentures?

In the early days, you may be required to wear dentures even during sleep. Consult a professional; he will suggest when and how long you should wear dentures. When your mouth adjusts to the dentures, it’s better to avoid wearing them during sleep. It will rest your gums, and the chances of oral health problems will be diminished.

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How to Take Care of Your Dentures

For good oral health, you must take proper care of your dentures. Below are some of the tips you should follow for good denture care:
a) Always rinse dentures after eating
b) Clean your mouth properly after removing the dentures
c) Brush your dentures regularly
d) Ensure that the dentures are handled properly
e) Soak dentures overnight

Wrapping Up

As you can understand, sleeping with dentures isn’t a good idea. The professionals offering denture care services in Southend-on-Sea can tell you when to use dentures and how long you need to wear them.
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