Dentures are one of the most useful dental support that helps conceal your broken, missing or crooked teeth. These are generally made of synthetic materials that offer a higher level of durability. However, like other things, you must be careful in taking good care of the dentures.

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The Primary Fitting Problem of Dentures:

After using the dentures for a long time, the dentures may get loose and fail to fit properly. This happens primarily due to constant jaw movement and shifting of teeth. You may feel the dentures become less stable, creating problems eating and performing other activities.

Why May Your Denture Get Loose?

If you feel your dentures are loose, you must not wait longer. Visiting a source for denture repairs in Southend-on-Sea can be a beneficial move. Here’s more about the primary reasons for loose dentures and how to fix them.

The usage of the denture gets affected due to an individual’s facial shape. So, there can be multiple reasons for a loose denture. Here are a few signs that indicate that the dental appliance is ceasing to perform well.

● Poor Functioning Seal:

The denture cannot retain your teeth properly if its sides are not properly aligned to the length and width. An adequate seal is necessary for the optimum function of the denture. If there is a problem, you may not be able to use the appliance properly.

● Inadequate Saliva Production:

It is another telltale sign that your denture has become loose. To retain the denture properly, your mouth needs to produce enough saliva. If there is a decrease in the amount of saliva, you can be sure there is a problem. It becomes tricky for the dentures to remain in a fixed place.

● Warped Denture Base:

When your denture is in the mouth for a longer period, its bottom surface may become dry and distorted. This may affect your gum health too. If you feel like your denture is getting warped, it is time to take prompt action and visit a repair professional.

These are some reasons your denture may not give proper support. Do not worry; get it fixed by a reliable source near you. Communicate with Castle Point Denture Clinic, one of the well-known places for denture repairs in Southend-on-Sea. We specialise in denture repair service and can provide expert help in this field. For more information, you can visit our website today.