Dentures are an easy and convenient method to fill up the missing teeth. However, taking off the dentures before going to sleep can be a messy job. Taking off the dentures at night ensures that you can maintain oral hygiene effectively. Moreover, this ensures that the dentures stay clean and free from bacteria. However, the question that arises in the mind of every denture user is the feasibility of wearing dentures all through the night. Ask dentists to confirm whether you can wear dentures and get proper guidance. For the perfect pair of dentures in Basildon, make sure that you visit a professional dentist.

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Is it possible to wear dentures all day and night?

Dentures are not permanently fixed inside the mouth. The primary reason behind the same is that the individual can take off the dentures as and when required. Individuals are entitled to take their dentures now and then and maintain regular oral hygiene with the help of the same. If you’re using the dentures for a long time throughout the day, then you should take them off at night so that you can easily clean them off and maintain oral hygiene.

Moreover, keeping dentures on for a long time at night can cause discomfort and give rise to serious issues. It is essential to clean off the dentures to prevent any bacteria from building up.

Three problems that might occur if you wear dentures at night

Occurrence of resorption

Resorption is the process where the bone density and volume decreases over time. Thus if the dentures stay overnight, then there’s a high probability that the bones of your teeth might get weak with time. This damages the bones over time. This is something that you must avoid at any cost. Letting your dentures stay in your mouth for a long time can rise to such issues.

High level of pain and discomfort

The constant wearing of the dentures can also cause pain and discomfort, especially during the nighttime. While sleeping, you might feel pressure on the gums resulting in pain and discomfort. Continuous wearing during the night will eventually give rise to sore spots on your gums which can be painful in the long run.

Poor oral health

As mentioned earlier, wearing dentures overnight can give rise to poor oral health conditions and eventually lead to other health problems. Hence, you must not wear dentures at night.

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