Dentures have helped millions of people across the globe to restore their smiles. This removable frame or plate works as the ideal and most convenient solution for replacing one or all the teeth of an individual due to dental health issues. Though it’s made to last for a long and deliver solid and sturdy support to one or more artificial teeth, it might get damaged over time and require repairing. Consulting with a specialist in denture repairs in Southend-on-Sea will help you to get the fixes appropriately done and learn some helpful tips on maintaining them properly.

When should you consider professional denture repair?

Inappropriately fitting or damaged dentures might lead you to face problems and even worsen the condition of your dental health. Here are some common signs showing it’s time to repair your dentures. 

Broken tooth

Artificial teeth are designed to deliver a strong bite force and help a user eat different types of foods which won’t be able to be eaten without teeth. However, biting hard foods like candy or ice might result in fracturing or chipping off any part of your artificial teeth. And if it happens, you must go to a denture expert to restore its shape by using the bonding method and other agents.

Cracked base

One most common reasons why you should opt for repairing your denture is if its base cracks. This can happen if you mistakenly drop it on any hard surface. Hitting it with any hard object or stepping on the base can even lead it to crack. If you leave it untreated, the base might break into two, leading you to replace it.

Bacteria build-up and discolouration

Maintaining oral hygiene is always important, even if you have artificial teeth. Not brushing or rinsing properly or not soaking the dentures regularly might lead to bacterial growth. And if you notice the same or any discolouration, you should take the denture to the dentist for cleaning and restoring the appearance.

The final words

Proper care of dentures is a requisite for sound dental health. However, if you observe any damage, it’s always important to repair them as soon as possible. Castle Point Denture Clinic is known for offering a host of professional denture services while catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Please talk to our experts now to learn more about how we can assist you.