Dentures are durable but need some maintenance too. This helps to maintain their quality and functionality. You need to visit your dental clinic regularly to be assured of their quality and condition. They are made using acrylic resin and metal. Depending on your oral health, you may need full, partial, flexible partial, or implant dentures. Here are some warning signs that suggest you need dentures repairs in Basildon.

Don’t Ignore These Seven Signs of Damaged Dentures

Worn-out dentures

You cannot afford to drop your dentures when cleaning them. It is suggested to clean them over a bowl of water or place a towel underneath. But if you drop them, take them to your dentist for repairs.

Difficulty chewing

Dentures are supposed to help an individual with chewing. This is one of the main reasons why many people wear dentures. If your dentures are causing you discomfort during eating, you need to see your dentist. This may happen because of improper fit, and they may need an adjustment accordingly.

Cracked dentures

Sometimes, a damaged tooth may not break away from the set but develop a chip or crack instead. You can still wear dentures but remember that such cracks can cut the tissues in your mouth. It can cause irritation and even result in infection.

Changed facial appearance

Dentures uplift your self-esteem by restoring the way you would have looked with your natural teeth. If you notice any wrinkles, sagging or a sunken look in your cheeks or jawline, your dentures may need readjustment or even replacement. Such issues can make you look more aged.

Pain or soreness

Dentures should not cause you any form of discomfort. They are designed to be as comfortable as your natural teeth. So, if you feel uneven pressure, pain, soreness, or looseness, visit a dental clinic for repairs.

Bad breath

You need to clean your dentures regularly. But your dentures might need to be checked if you have bad breath despite properly caring for them. Cracked or stained dentures can also cause bad odour in your mouth.

Slipping dentures

If your dentures were comfortable earlier, but you suddenly notice them not fitting your mouth. It may indicate a change in your gum shape.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, reach out to Castle Point Denture Clinic. You can count on us for denture repairs in Basildon. Book your appointment now.