With the advancement in technology, dental care has also made much improvement. An easy way you can deal with missing teeth is through dentures. They are removable frames holding more or more artificial teeth. They help improve your appearance so you can feel better about yourself, get a smile that reflects your personality, and improve your ability to chew food.

Though you can choose from numerous dental clinics in Basildon for dentures, what’s more challenging is to choose the right type of denture which will work the best for you. The task gets more challenging if you don’t have a good experience with dentures in the past or you are a new denture wearer. The best you can do is to get in touch with a reputed dentist who will let you know the various types of dentures available and the benefits offered by each.

4 Common Types Of Dentures

Full Or Complete Dentures

If you don’t have any teeth remaining in your mouth, choose a full-set or complete denture. They are designed and made with great precision so they can look like natural teeth. Generally, these dentures are made using a durable plastic known as acrylic. They are tinted and shaped like natural teeth and gums.

Partial Dentures

If you have just a few or only one natural tooth remaining, choose partial dentures. They are created in different ways, which render them a minimal look and make them more comfortable. Choose a reputable dental clinic like Castle Point Denture Clinic as they use various materials and techniques to make partial dentures.

Immediate Dentures

Your dentist might advise you to get immediate dentures if you want to place them on the same day after the extraction of a natural tooth. They are a quicker solution for tooth loss. Let your dentist assess your dental condition, and he will let you know whether immediate dentures will be the ideal solution for you.

Implant-Supported Dentures

The implant-supported dentures are widely preferred by those struggling with loose or ill-fitting dentures. The dentures are securely placed on your gums through implants. The dentures gain a solid fit after clipping onto the implant component.

Choose the right type of denture and get in touch with the dentists at Castle Point Denture Clinic for high-quality dentures at competitive prices.