Every year nearly 50% of adults face dental issues. Some dental problems are so grave that it puts the individual in danger of losing teeth. However, with the advancement of technology, a wide range of dental replacement options have cropped up lately. Among them, hybrid dentures are a comfortable and quite popular option.

Unlike traditional dentures, the dentist generally replaces the whole row of teeth with artificial implantation if the patient is going for a hybrid denture. The best thing about having hybrid dentures is that they are fused to your jaw and don’t move. Hence if you are planning to have a hybrid denture, visit professional dentists for dentures in Southend-on-Sea.

Before moving in with this treatment,  read the blog and learn more about hybrid dentures.

Difference between hybrid dentures and traditional dentures

The most significant difference between both is how the treatment is performed. In traditional dentures, no implantation takes place. At the same time, hybrid dentures remove the whole row of teeth and implant a new artificial row of teeth.

Hence hybrid dentures are more secure and won’t move out of place compared to traditional dentures. This is a good option for aggressive eaters.

What are the benefits of hybrid dentures?


They might not be the cheapest tooth surgery; however, it is a one-time investment. You can fix the issue with the whole set of teeth with the hybrid denture. Hence even if the cost is high compared to the traditional dentures,  remember that investment is one-time, and the returns are for a lifetime. Moreover, for conventional dentures, you need to invest in things like denture adhesives,  cleansers and pastes, which are optional if you have opted for a hybrid denture.


Hybrid dentures are more comfortable than traditional ones. Once the implantation has been completed, they will feel more like your natural teeth and won’t be hard enough for you to adjust. Moreover, since they are done through implantation, you will feel more comfortable biting and chewing hard foods after completing the treatment.

Easy maintenance

In traditional dentures, you must remove them regularly and clean them during the night to improve their performance and durability. However,  this is not the case with the hybrid denture. If you face any problem after the implantation, you must visit a dentist to remove it—no need to soak them overnight or use any special paste for maintenance.

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