Even after undergoing the hectic and expensive denture implantation treatment, you might experience the problems of loose dentures. This is a complaint that the patients hear. They find it difficult to adjust to the replacement teeth, which don’t fit correctly, and they feel that the same might fall off. This is not an ideal situation and is not a desirable one as well. The smallest amount of discomfort caused due to the loosened dentures can make it difficult for the individuals to speak or eat after the denture treatment has been completed.

If you face such an issue, approach a professional dentist for denture repairs in Southend-on-Sea. However, it is necessary to know the symptoms of loose dentures before looking for a dentist who can fix them.

What are the symptoms of loose dentures?

If you face these problems right after the denture treatment has been completed, you must visit the dentist for proper refitting.

  • Discomfort and pain while eating or chewing semi-solid food products
  • Loosely fitted while eating or chewing the products
  • Discomfort and loosely fitted dentures making challenging to speak properly
  • Inability to open mouth properly.

What are the common causes of loose dentures?

It is not a common problem that dentures might get loose. However, sometimes due to fitting issues, there are times when the dentures might become loose. The only way to identify the cause is to consult with a trained dentist. According to the dentists, here’s a list of common reasons that make dentures lose.

Dryness of the gums

The bottom of the gums might become dry over time. Hence, the denture attached to the gum will become loose and unable to hold the position.

The poor condition of seals

If the dentist has not placed a good quality seal on the denture, then there’s a fair chance that the seal will not be able to hold the denture together for a long time.

Unstable bone conditions

If the bones of the gums get damaged and distorted over time, the dentures will eventually become loose.

How to fix the dentures?

If you visit the dentist, they will refit the dentures after examining the positioning of the dentures. They ensure that the dentures have been entirely fitted on the ridges of the mouth. They will also concentrate on relining the dentures so they don’t get loose again.

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